E-government 4.0 in Thailand: The role of central agencies


ผศ.ดร.ดนุวัศ สาคริก, อ.ดร.ปนันดา จันทร์สุกรี, นายEvan Berman, นายWonhyuk Cho


Information Polity


This study discusses Thailand’s digital transformation efforts with a focus on the leadership roles of its central government agencies. Thailand has progressed through various e-government policy frameworks since the 1990s, and the current military government is implementing a version ‘4.0’of digital transformation strategies, aiming to improve business competitiveness, citizen wellbeing, and public sector performance. Central government agencies were created or reorganized to deal with the ‘silo-ization’or ‘pillarization’of public organizations, as well as a need for hierarchical leadership and coordination. We discuss the challenges in maintaining reform leadership and accountability, legislation, interoperability, employee capabilities and performance management, and efforts by central agencies to address them.

(2018). E-government 4.0 in Thailand: The role of central agencies. Information Polity, 2018(2018), 343-353.