Do Stock Markets promote sustainability? Implications from Stock Market Development, Private Investment and Consumption.


ผศ.ดร.วิศิษฎ์ ชัยศรีสวัสดิ์สุข, รศ.ดร.สรศาสตร์ สุขเจริญสิน


งานวันเกิด Nida ปี 60


This study examines the economic importance of stock markets in selected countries.
Specifically, the paper addresses the issue of whether stock market development promotes the
growth of domestic investment and consumption. If so, how important is the effect on private
investment and consumption. The results show that Thai stock market has contributed an
important wheel in accelerating the growth of consumptions and investments. However, the
stock market development in Thailand also creates variation in both consumption and
investments. The results in this paper provide some support that stock markets in the more
industrialized countries promote sustainability because it transfer less variation to consumptions
and investments.

(2561). Regime-Switching Business Cycle Synchronization in the ASEAN. DLSU Business & Economics Review, 2561(25), 75-87.