Developing capable workforce for the future world of work แนวทางการพัฒนาขีดความสามารถของกำลังคนเพื่ออนาคต


ศ.ดร.มณีวรรณ ฉัตรอุทัย


งานประชุมวิชาการสถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์ ประจำปี 2018


This study explored external forces and influences on the future world of work. Key findings include the refocus of man-machine relationship, career structure, and work competency. Foreseen increasing needs of human workforce were found in health care, creative industry, unpredictable physical works, and people management. While machines may replace and save cost on labor, this enhances opportunity for CEO to spend more time on mentoring and coaching the employees and thus increases work efficiency and morale. For workers, the new world of work presses increasing needs to stay tune with updated trend, and thus makes lifelong learning a mandatory.

(2561). The New Face of Internet User Typology: The case of Thailand. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 2561(2), 58-79.