Determinants of Relationship Marketing and Business Performance in Airline Industry.


ผศ.ดร.โชคชัย สุเวชวัฒนกูล




This study illustrates determinants of factors that are relevant to Relationship Marketing and Business Performance in the airline industry. According to qualitative research method, the review of textbooks, documents, and research studies was applied. Ten of relevant factors relevant to Relationship Marketing included: bonding, empathy, reciprocity, trust, communication, shared value, employee’s commitment, cooperation, customer service and adaptation. In addition, this paper demonstrates the illustrates determinants of indicators of success for business performance that have been derived from literature review and reveals 6 factors which are: Customer retention, Client satisfaction, Interaction, Long-term profitability, Loyalty and Market share. The finding of this paper will be apply for the future research which analyze the factors influencing aviation industry indicators of success concerning business performance in terms of Relationship Marketing.

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