Determinants of Health Coverage Awareness for Poor Beneficiaries of the Thai Universal Health Coverage Scheme


ศ.ดร.อัญชนา ณ ระนอง


Asian Social Science


The Thai universal health coverage scheme (UHCS), or “30 Baht Scheme†, has played an important role in increasing the accessibility of health care services for low income earners. The objective of this paper is to study poor beneficiaries’ awareness of the UHCS. Quantitative research methods were employed. Data were collected, and multiple regression performed, to explore the determinants of health coverage awareness. The regression shows that age, education level, and number of years as card holder are significant determinants of health coverage awareness. Those with a higher age or level of education scored higher than those who were younger or with a low level of education or no education. Those who held UHCS cards for long periods of time possessed higher health coverage awareness than those who had recently received their membership cards. Greater exposure to news and information, therefore, is needed for those of a younger age and those who have less education, if awareness is to be increased. The same applies to those who have only held UHCS cards for a short period.

(2018). -. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 8(4), 98-109.