Designing virtual learning for employee development


ผศ.ดร.วุฒิไกร งามศิริจิตต์


International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning


In today’s digital age, virtual learning is considered as one of the elements for professional learning and employee development. It provides learners with a beneficial experience through an intimate environment and interaction between the users and the system. The media must be designed for and focused on the learning environment in order to maximise the learning process.

This paper describes how virtual learning media can be developed in order to encourage the willingness to learn, and facilitate the learners’ awareness and reflection. The virtual learning media for employee development in the managerial subject of project management is developed and tested with a sample of employees in a retail firm. An investigation is made of virtual learning design issues and their learning outcomes.

The results are found to be a very useful source of knowledge for virtual learning design from theoretical and practical perspectives in the context of employee development.

(2558). Designing virtual learning for employee development. International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 2015(4), 346-363.