Design Thinking Approach for The Development of Theme Park Application


นายTinnaporn Srisombut, MissSupamas Thamlersak, MissPhattharaporn Chaitantipong, ผศ.ดร.ฐิติรัตน์ ศิริบวรรัตนกุล


Augmented Human Research


Theme entertainment businesses rely very much on providing their visitors with the most memorable experiences. To do so, top operators have put a considerable amount of effort and investment in their facilities and activities in their parks. However, after a customer interview, several pain points are still found such as long toilet queues, finding available parking lots, being unable to find the parked car, and no real-time thrill ride information/status. Similar with other domains in the tourism market, most of these problems are easy to solve with the help of having a smartphone application that delivers such information right to the customer’s hands. This study outlines the development process of a theme park application based on a design thinking approach. Our MVP prototypes have obtained good feedback from potential users in both qualitative and quantitative usability tests.

(2564). Design Thinking Approach for The Development of Theme Park Application. Augmented Human Research, 2021(17), 0-0.