Dental Tourism Develoment in Thailand: A Perspective of Service Provider


ผศ.ดร.วรรษิดา บุญญาณเมธาพร, น.ส.เมธาวี ว่องกิจ


e-Review of Tourism Research


This study aimed to examine the perspectives of dental service providers on the supply side of dental tourism. Using Phuket as the study area, this research intended to understand how the dental service providers deal with dental tourists and why these patients decide to obtain dental treatment during their vacation in Thailand. A qualitative research approach was employed. In-depth interviews were the main instrument for collecting data. Content analysis was utilized to analyse the data. In total, five dentists and ten clinic staff were recruited. The results revealed that simple dental fillings, tooth bleaching, and dental prophylaxis were the most popular treatments. The success of a dental tourism business lies in the attentiveness of both employees and customers. In terms of hospitality, service, and standards of dentistry, the performance of staff in the dental clinic affects the feelings and needs of repeat travelers. Therefore, it is recommended for dental clinic owners to prepare and focus on staff training in terms of language, service quality, and standards of treatment as the quality of dental care services, reasonable costs, qualified dentists, time-saving treatment plans, and friendliness of the atmosphere are the main travel motivations for the successful development of dental tourism.

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