Demand responsive transportation for creative tourism logistics planning


ผศ.ดร.วุฒิไกร งามศิริจิตต์


International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise


The development of tourism logistics for creative tourism requires understanding of the behaviour and needs of tourists together with designing a responsive logistics system for them.

This paper presents a demand responsive transportation (DRT) planning framework for tourism logistics in the city facing with creative tourism requirements and certain limited conditions of logistics infrastructure.

It encompasses issues of system responsiveness evaluation, mode of transport selection and new route design and implementation for DRT.

Based on the planning framework, the system is applied within public transport mode, so called Baht bus, of Pattaya City and the viability is justified.

The findings from the study provide more quantitative insight in further developing an effective creative tourism and logistics policies.

(2558). Demand responsive transportation for creative tourism logistics planning. International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, 2558(1), 38-53.