Dealing with Brand Crisis การจัดการกับวิกฤตของแบรนด์


ผศ.ดร.ปิยะ งามเจริญมงคล


งานประชุมวิชาการของสถาบัน ประจำปี 2019


Brand crises are undesirable and detrimental events that jeopardize corporate
reputations. Research demonstrates that corporate response strategies play an important
role in reestablishing corporate brand equity. While there is a strong support for
implementing a corrective action as a single suitable response strategy for all types of crises,
there is a growing advocacy for a situation-based view suggesting that the effectiveness of
corporate response strategies could depend on other factors. This paper contributes to this
situation-based view by evaluating the effectiveness of three main corporate response
strategies in restoring brand confidence and corporate reputation. It is found that the relative
effectiveness of corporate response strategies hinges on the nature of brand crisis.
Guidelines to better prepare for and effectively coping with crises are suggested and

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