Corporate Branding of the Thai Multinational Companies in the ASEAN region: A Case Study of Service Company in Thailand.


ศ.ดร.ยุบล เบ็ญจรงค์กิจ, Mr.Aditap Ketchart


2017 International Conference


The purpose of this paper is to explore relevant elements related to corporate branding of Thai multinational companies in the ASEAN region in the form of a case study of a Service Company. Corporate branding helps increase people’s positive perception towards a particular brand, which could increase a company’s ability to compete, especially when the company expands its business to the international level which, in this case study, is the ASEAN region. The selected study area is Thai multinational companies in the service sector whose business has expanded to Singapore. This paper is an on-going research aiming to study the process of corporate branding and relevant factors in Thailand and Singapore since Singapore has been recognized as a business hub of ASEAN and Thailand has also been expanding its operations to this business hub. Data collection method was based on qualitative research method under a purposive approach which conducts in-depth interviews with managerial level staff in the brand communication department of the selected company. The outcome of this paper is to develop a problem-solving strategy, improve corporate branding, and build a corporate branding model. The result, particularly in the service sector, shows that the most important factor from the ‘Receiver’ side is the sender’s ability to fully understand the receiver’s behavior to develop the right message and enhance the corporate brand.

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