Conceptualizing Digital Citizenship for Digital Natives in Thailand


รศ.ดร.อุษา บิ้กกิ้นส์, น.ส.ชวพร ธรรมนิตยกุล




gital transition needs stronger digital citizenship awareness, especially among Thai Digi-tal Natives because they are the main force of digital economy and society development of the country. This is the qualitative research applying documentary analysis and in-depth interview as the approaches of the study. The objectives of the research were to investigate the ecosystem of digital citizenship in Thailand, and to conceptualize digital citizenship and key attributes for digital natives in Thailand. From the study, the elements of digital citizenship ecosystem in Thai-land consist of: 1) Digital natives as human capital of the national development, 2) democratic citizenship promotion in Thailand, 3) Thailand digital economy and social policy, 4) digital natives’ patterns of digital media behaviors, 5) digital literacy in education (formal and non-formal), and 6) technology advancement, all of which influence the development of digital citizenship concept. In addition, digital citizenship concept applicable in Thai society is a concept of an individual’s connection to internet facilitated by digital technology to interact with others in a digital society by relating to his/her daily activity into the physical world with an awareness of a humanity concern, a respect for others’ rights and differences, ethical conscience, digital competencies, entrepre-neurship skills, a realization and communication of her positive self-identity as Thais as well as maximizing appropriate digital possibilities for their lifelong learning to be an active citizen with a social contribution-minded as a creative change agent in the fast-changing digital society. However, the development of digital citizenship appropriate for Thailand requires the operation of many concerned parties: government sectors as the policymakers, education institutions as a cultivation institution for providing knowledge, family institution as the principal socialization agent of children and youth, and media as the gatekeeper of the society as well as public sphere for creating social mobilization.

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