comparing the concept of wisdom tree to the concepts of conomics, public administration,social development,and human resource development and Its implication


รศ.ดร.วิชัย อุตสาหจิต


IEDRC 2017 6th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity


This research attempts to explore the concept of “Wisdom Tree” proposed by a group of Buddhist volunteers at BuddhadasaIndapanno Archives (or BIA – A Buddhist spiritual cultivation and edutainment center). The Wisdom Tree explains a simulated situation of having four groups of people living together on and under one big tree (the good and haves, the bad and haves, the good and have-nots, and the bad and have-nots). The concept is widely accepted among numbers of Buddhists participating in the BIA dharma activities. This concept is then compared to Economics, Public Administration, Social Development and Human Resource Development concepts and analysed to come up with its implication in developing human resources in Thailand. The research methodology involves focus groups of university professors and graduate students in economics, public administration, social development and human resource development fields. Findings reveal comparison of similarities and differences of those concepts and recommendations for applying the Wisdom Tree concept in developing human resources in Thailand.