Community-Based Tourism Management for Urban Agriculture


ศ.ดร.เทิดชาย ช่วยบำรุง, ผศ. ดร.สุริยา ส้มจันทร์


Indian Journal of Economics and Business


Agricultural tourism is one dimension of community-based tourism in urban and rural areas. To expand research from community-based tourism in rural areas into urban agriculture with data analysis of Thai tourist behavior and expectations, this study combines qualitative research using surveys and quantitative research using questionnaires. The sample included 15 stakeholders and 400 Thai tourists. Findings indicated local stakeholders have expectations matching those of Thai tourists. However, these stakeholders agree upon several details of urban agriculture at the highest level, including administration of community-based tourist attractions (Administration), development of community-based tourism media with diverse community-based tourist attractions (Attractions), historical tourist attractions and community-based tourism services (Amenities), and meeting with communities about guidelines for the skills development of tour leaders in communities that require promotion of quality tourism, and support of community-based tourist attractions (Accessibility). Through the process of creating knowledge for use as guidelines for community-based tourism management in urban agriculture that clearly lead to efficiency, mechanisms and movement toward performance guidelines are created, which requires integration of stakeholders in every sector.

(2020). Service Facilities and Hotel Performance: Evidences from Hotel-Level Data in Thailand. International Journal of Services and Operations Management, 36(3), 381-402.