Branding Strategies Affecting Foreign Tourists’ Decision To Participate The International Marathon Events


น.ส.ขวัญฤทัย ครองยุติ, ศ.ดร.เทิดชาย ช่วยบำรุง


International Journal of Psychological Rehabilitation


The purpose of this research were to 1) analyze the branding creation
processes and the projected brands of the international marathon events, 2) evaluate
the perceived brand image of the international marathon events, 3) evaluate the
effectiveness of branding strategies of the international marathon events, and 4)
propose the international marathons branding creation model of Thailand. Mixed
methodology was employed in this study. Researcher gathered 400 sets of
questionnaires from runner who participate in Khon Kaen international marathon,
Chombueng Marathon, and Laguna Phuket International Marathon to collect
quantitative data. Semi-structured interviews and focus group were also conducted to
collect qualitative data from 10 event organizers. Coding analysis was used for the
interview and focus group results, whereas descriptive statistics (i.e. frequency,
percentage, mean, and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (i.e. paired sample
t-test, ANOVA, and multiple regression) were employed for the analysis of
quantitative data.
The research results revealed that 1) Current international marathon branding
creation process is: (1) theme creation, (2) development of event elements, (3) event
communication, and (4) performance evaluation. The projected brand image of the
Thailand international marathon is ‘a world class marathon standard for amity and
healthy’. 2) Before participation, runners perceived moderate brand image in terms of
standard, universality, and friendship respectively while perceived low brand image in
terms of health, and overall. After participation, runners perceived moderate brand
image in terms of universality, friendship while perceived low brand image in terms
of health, standard, and overall respectively. 3) White ocean strategy were high
effectiveness following by integrated marketing communication strategy, and content marketing strategy respectively. Product differentiation strategy were moderate
effectiveness following by cost leadership strategy and influencer marketing strategy
respectively. Additionally, increasing use of white ocean strategy has the most impact
on intention to revisit following by product differentiation strategy, content marketing
strategy, and integrated marketing communication strategy influence respectively. 4)
The model of the international sport event branding creation in Thailand was
developed in 9 step: (1) explore the venue, (2) brand essence, (3) brand identity, (4)
brand positioning, (5) brand elements, (6) brand strategy, (7) brand delivery, (8) brand
alliance, and (9) brand valuation.

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