An Investigation into the Development of Intercultural Corporate Culture


ผศ.ดร.สิทธิ์ สุนทรายุทธ, น.ส.Franziska Hippler


ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation


A number of literatures had identified positive influences of corporate culture on the
organizational success. The main objective of this study is to examine how intercultural
corporate culture evolves within the organization. The paper analyses how the corporate
culture is communicated, as well as the influencing factors of the corporate culture, the
corporate activities which said to shape the corporate culture and what role do intercultural
differences play in the corporate culture. Qualitative methods were employed in order to
obtain research data from series of in-depth interviews conducted with managers from a
number of international companies. This study offers advantages and guidelines for managers
and allows them to understand more about intercultural corporate culture and thus utilize
corporate culture as the mean for organizational success. The result of the study highlights
the significance of corporate culture and its crucial roles in organizational success.

(2558). An Investigation into the Development of Intercultural Corporate Culture. ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation, 2015(1), 1-18.