An Empirical Study on Takeout App Customers’ Continuous Use Intention in China


อ.ดร.Zhongwu Li, นางLiming Ran




The rapid advances of mobile internet technology and people’s rising living standards have promoted the development of mobile takeout Apps. This paper aims to explore the factors that affect the continuous use intention of mobile takeout App customers in China, where the number of takeout Apps is fast growing. To determine the relationships among these factors and their level of influence, the paper used a nine-variable research model with herd behavior as a moderator variable and delivery service quality as a mediator variable. On the basis of the 509 valid questionnaires, the relationships among the variables and the influence on dependent variables were determined with Warp PLS7. 0. Mplus 8.3 was used to test the mediated effects of the intermediary variables. The results indicate that information asymmetry directly affects customers’ continuous use intention without the intervention of the intermediate variables and that perceived quality highly influences continuous use intention through the perceived value construct. Herd behavior, however, has no positive moderating effect on the relationship between satisfaction and continuous use intention. A number of suggestions were made to online takeout operators with the view to improving customer ordering experience and customer relationships.

(2563). -. ASEAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & INNOVATION , 2020(1), 90-107.