Adoption Competencies Factors in Festival Coordinators


รศ.ดร.กนกกานต์ แก้วนุช, น.ส.ปุณณฑรีย์ สันติสุภาพร , ผศ. ดร.พูลพงศ์ สุขสว่าง


Electronic Journal of Open and Distance Innovative Learning (e-JODIL)


The focus of this study is to find some of the best factors for festival coordinators and festival tourism providers to accept and adopt competencies that will be most useful in creating a successful festival tourism marketing program. The primary objective of this study was to study the influence factors that cause cultural festival tourism coordinators to adopt marketing competencies. Confirmatory factor analysis was used as the methodology. Data were collected from festival coordinators in Thailand. Primary data collect from 175 respondents by questionnaire survey and in-depth interview. The result revealed that tool experience, user expertise and task characteristic are the most important factors for cultural festival coordinators to accept marketing competencies idea while the factors that affect most in adoption depends on external factors including financial/ incentives and other supporting factors.

(2562). A Holistic Conceptual Framework into Practice-Based on Urban Tourism Toward Sustainable Development in Thailand. Open Access Journal, 2019(11), 1-28.