Addressed Query Gossip Resource Discovery Protocol for Mobile P2P Networks and Its Performance in Diverse Mobility Models


รศ.ดร.โอม ศรนิล


International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking (IJBDCN)


This article describes how P2P resource discovery protocols perform poorly over mobile ad hoc networks mainly due to the frequent network dynamics. Peer-to-Peer search techniques including structured and unstructured can be employed over MANETs. Empirical studies indicate that searching in such resultant networks are not efficient and effective due to peer discovery, connectivity and mobility issues. The author proposes Addressed Query Gossip Resource Discovery algorithm, a lightweight resource discovery designed to suit the mobility requirements of ad hoc networks to optimize the search performance while at the same time minimize the extra usage of mobile and network resources. Mobility models represent the movements of mobile nodes. Such models are used to represent how the location, velocity and acceleration change over time. The author conducts performance analyses of the proposed protocol and widely used unstructured search techniques over MANET under 2 realistic mobility models, ie, Random Waypoint and Reference Point Group Mobility models. The results show that the proposed protocol has the best performance in almost every measured metrics. In addition, the protocol consumes less energy, has less message overhead and good success ratio for random waypoint movement as compared to the reference group mobility model. After extensive evaluations, the simulation results clarify that the mobility models have a significant impact on the performance of peer-to-peer content discovery protocols over mobile ad hoc networks.

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