Accessibility for Wheelchair Tourists in Second Tier Tourism Cities of Thailand


น.ส.เกวลิน อังคณานนท์, ศ.ดร.เทิดชาย ช่วยบำรุง


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Physical accessibility barriers such as transportation constraints, inaccessible tourism sites, accommodation and applications that do not have the relevant information about restaurants and tourist places for wheelchair users greatly restrict wheelchair users’ travel experiences although, they have the desire and right to travel like anyone else. This research aimed to (1) investigate whether Thailand has adequate accessibility for tourist wheelchair users; (2) compare accessibility for tourists between primary tourism cities and secondary tourism cities, and; (3) suggest how technology could help tourists find accessible tourist places. This research is a preliminary study on accessible wheelchair tourism. Data that were collected from documents were in 3 parts: (1) laws, regulations, and policy; (2) accessible tourist places were collected by a survey of existing information; (3) accessible wheelchair hotel data were collected from website while technology websites and applications that provide information for wheelchair users in Thailand were investigated. The results reveal that (1) only a few places in each city in Thailand may have adequate accessibility for tourist wheelchair users but it is difficult for tourists to find detailed up to date information; (2) primary cities appear to be slightly more accessible than secondary cities; (3) technology applications can be improved to better help tourists find accessible tourist places. Future work could involve developing a better application to provide detailed and up to date accessibility information. This is the first study to research tourist wheel chair user accessibility in primary and secondary Thai cities and suggest how technology to could help tourists find accessible Thai tourist places.

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