A Study of Talent Attraction Factors in Public Sector of Thailand


รศ.ดร.จุฑามาศ แก้วพิจิตร, น.ส.Isaree Petrohchanakit


Journal of Critical Reviews


Talent represents an important component to mobilize and indicate the
competitiveness of each country. However, the public sector in Thailand encounters not
only the current challenge of the number of Talent but also the future challenge of the
loss of Talent due to retirement. Moreover, it is found out that the Thai public sector
has been unable to attract talents to join the public workforce. Therefore, this qualitative
research was a study of talent attraction factors in the public sector of Thailand. The
study explored models of talent attraction as well as proposed guidelines and
recommendations of talent attraction. The sample of the research consisted of 25 civil
servants under the Public Service Executive Development Program. (Batch 10). Based on
the in-depth interview. Data collection and analysis using word-by-word Coding, including
28 key words. It was revealed that talent attraction factors were challenging tasks. The
Talent in Public Sector valued task descriptions at the highest rank. Regarding models of
talent attraction, the recruitment model from both within the public sector and
outsources was recommended. Word of mouth was considered the most reliable channel of communication. To become the employer of choice, the public sector
should, primarily, improve the working process then communication, brand
development, and remuneration structures consecutively.

(2563). A Study of Talent Attraction Factors in Public Sector of Thailand. Journal of Critical Reviews, 7(12), 3246-3255.