A Study of 21st Century Learning Skills Necessary for Convention Hotel Employees in Thailand


ผศ.ดร.โชคชัย สุเวชวัฒนกูล


Veridian E-Journal, Silpakorn University (Humanities, Social Sciences and arts)


The aim of this paper is to generate guideline of 21 st century learning skills appropriate for convention hotel employees. The performance of convention hotel employees is unique and very sensitive; their performance is related to guest satisfaction, which is related to hotel satisfaction. This significance would lead to an overall hotel performance and ultimately the outcome. Therefore, it is important to recognize the significance and importance of the skills of convention hotel employees. Moreover, to achieve success in the 21 st century learning skills are much more essential to employees of hotels than it was. The researcher applies a qualitative research method with a focus group discussion technique in order to obtain appropriate data from all concerned. The results of the study shown that there are seven 21 st century learning skills, which are suitable and directly relate to convention hotel employee performance. These could be generated as: creativity and innovation skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication and collaboration skills, media and information technology skills, social and cross-cultural skills, social responsibility skills and lastly self-directing and flexible working skills. With all these learning skills could assist convention hotel employees to be more efficient and adaptable in order to satisfy all convention hotel guests and business itself.

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