A Meta-analysis on Cyberbullying Factors Correlation in Thai Academic Research


รศ.พัชนี เชยจรรยา


วารสารนิเทศศาสตร์ จุฬาฯ


This article aims to study the trends of research and studies on cyberbullying by exploring, gathering, and evaluating all concerned academic data in three educational databases in Thailand: (1) Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI), (2) Thai Journals Online (ThaiJO) and
(3) Thai Library Integrated System (ThaiLIS). From the preliminary search, 6,679 pieces of academic work relating to cyberbullying are found; however, after data deduction, only 67 pieces meet the specified criteria. Only academic works that pass the hypothesis testing with
t-test and F-test are synthesized and analyzed towards a standard index for concluding the variable correlation. From the meta-analysis, it indicates 5 important variable groups, including 3 groups of independent variables and 2 groups of dependent variables from 394 of hypothesis testing(as a unit of analysis) Moreover, the result reveals that media exposure has the highest effect sizeand correlation coefficient (d = -1.0289, r = -0.4569).