A Disk Scheduling Algorithm Simulator


ผศ.ดร.สุกัญญา สุรเนาวรัตน์


Computers in Education Journal


This paper presents a simulator that is written in C%23 and designed as a means of enhancing students’ learning of disk scheduling algorithms both in and out of the classroom. The simulator animates the concepts of several disk scheduling algorithms commonly discussed in operating systems textbooks. The simulator has three unique features. First, it uses a more practical model of disk requests that allows new requests to come in while other requests are being processed. Second, it has a practice function that allows the user to reinforce the concepts learnt by solving scheduling problems and check the answers against the simulator. Third, it has a comparison function that lets the user easily compare the simulation results and the performance statistics of different disk scheduling algorithms, up to 9 algorithms, at the same time

(2560). A Disk Scheduling Algorithm Simulator. Computers in Education Journal, 2017(3), 1-9.