Master of Management

Master of Management (Chinese) Weekend

The master of Management program of ICO NIDA has the goal is to cultivate management graduates who possess a range of interdisciplinary skills, knowledge, virtues, and ethics, and who are capable of working and conducting themselves in a socially responsible manner across international boundaries.
  • International Learning Environment’
  • 10 majors/concentrations of management available
  • Block course program / Weekday and Weekend schedules are provided.
  • Study with lecturers from different countries
  • 1.5 to 2.0 – year program
  • A Master’s Degree in Management with the opportunity for exchange and double-degree programs with universities overseas.
หลักสูตรเรียนนอกเวลาราชการ ภาษาอังกฤษ
วิทยาลัยนานาชาติ นิด้า
36 หน่วยกิต
สามารถศึกษาจบได้ภายใน 1.5 ปี (ในแผนการเรียนการสอนที่กำหนด)
299,000 บาท
กำลังเปิดรับสมัคร รุ่นที่19
เปิดรับสมัคร Now - 10 June 2023



รศ.ดร.เวสารัช เอื้อมบุญสุข

ผู้อำนวยการหลักสูตร Master of Management Program


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  1. International Learning Environment  from having students from countries around the world as well as international visiting professors fostering the international study environment.
  2. Accredited by AUN-QA (Asian University Network Assurance)
  3. Students can explore knowledge and multicultural management perspectives from program local professors and international visiting professors.
  4.  ICO NIDA’s international network enables its graduates to effectively pursue careers in prominent public and private institutions.


International Business Management
MM7101 Communication and Negotiations Across Cultures
MM7102 Managing Global Business
MM7103 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MM7105 Country Risk Analysis and Assessment
MM7106 International Business Marketing

Financial Management
MM7201 Financial Management
MM7201 Financial Management
MM7202 Corporate Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis
MM7203 Multinational Corporate Finance
MM7204 Mergers and Acquisitions
MM7205 Investment Theory and Portfolio Management

Marketing Management
MM7301 Customer Analysis
MM7302 Strategic Services Marketing
MM7303 Analysis for Strategic Marketing
MM7304 Global and Export Marketing Strategy
MM7305 Global Brand Management
MM7306 Customer Relationship Management

Entrepreneurship Management
MM7401 Family Business Management
MM7402 Entrepreneurial Finance Management
MM7403 Business Innovation
MM7404 Virtual Organization Management

e-Business Management
MM7501 Global e-Business
MM7502 e-Customer Relationship Management
MM7503 Business and Operations Design
MM7504 Business Strategy and Strategic Management

Human Capital Management
MM7601 Strategic Human Capital Management
MM7602 Human Capital Development
MM7603 Industrial Relations and Labor Laws
MM7604 Leadership and Organizational Strategy

Policy and Management
MM7701 Public Policy: Theory and Practices
MM7702 Policy Analysis
MM7703 Public Finance
MM7704 Policy Implementation
MM7705 Project Planning, Management and Evaluation
MM7706 New Public Management

International Development and Governance
MM7801 Foundations of Civil Society, Voluntary Action and Philanthropy
MM7802 Social Investment and Philanthropy
MM7803 Public Policy, Advocacy Social Change and Philanthropy and Civil Society
MM7804 NGOs, Governance and Development
MM7805 International Politics
MM7806 Nonprofit Marketing

Sustainable Business Management
MM7901 Sustainable Business Management
MM7902 Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Management
MM7903 Sustainable Development and Circular Economy
MM7904 Holistic Management and Organizational Development

Digital Innovation and Communication
MM7111 Digital Storytelling
MM7112 Social Media Analytics
MM7113 Visualizing Data
MM7114 Digital Creative Economy
MM7115 Social Media Strategic Management

Remarks The availability of core courses is subject to ICO NIDA’s arrangement.



(แบ่งจ่าย 4 ครั้ง, 74,750 บาท/เทอม)

งวดที่ 174,750
งวดที่ 274,750
งวดที่ 374,750
งวดที่ 474,750


The candidate must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in any field from an institution in Thailand or abroad, or another educational qualification approved by ICO NIDA.


เปิดรับสมัคร Now - 10 June 2023