Personal Data Protection ACT B.E. 2562 grants a person the right to request for the review and approval of the personal data usage which is under the supervision of the National Institute of Development Administration.

          In accordance with such provision, the requestor is to complete and submit this request form to the Institute via, fax at 02 374 9445, or postal mail addressed to

Office of Personal Data Protection (Legal Division),
National Institute of Development Administration,
148 Seri Thai Road, Khlong Chan, Bangkok 10240.

The Institute’s request procedures

  1. The Institute reserves the right to contact you according to the information provided in this form in order to request for more information or additional documents, as well as the right to obtain legal actions if the provided information is falsified with ill intent.
  2. The Institute will proceed with your request within 30 days from the date of request submission complete with accompanying reasons for request and necessary documents. The Institute reserves the right to extend the processing time should the provided information is deemed incomplete or missing.
    In the event that the Institute needs to deny your request, the Institute will inform you of the reason via email.
  3. The Institute emphasizes that in case that you request for withdrawal of consent, the request will not be applicable retroactively for the personal data that has already been collected, disclosed, or processed.
  4. The Institute collects and processes your personal data given in this request form for the purpose of examining and validating your right as the owner and representative, as well as processing data according to your request. As such, it may be necessary for the Institute to disclose the personal data to the individuals or juristic persons who are involved in the processing of your data. However, the disclosure occurs only for the processing of your data according to the purpose of your request. The disclosure will be retained until the process has completed, the dispute process has ended, or the request has been denied due to the Institute’s inability to process your request as required by law or by court order.
  5. Your request may be conditioned by law and other regulations, which must be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Institute asks for your cooperation in providing complete information accompanying your request, so that the Institute can proceed accordingly and properly. The Institute reserves the right to deny your request if it deems necessary as required by law or court order. In addition, your request may be denied if it violates the rights and freedom of others. In the event that you have other ongoing contracts with the Institute which may affect the Institute’s capacity to process your request, the Institute shall inform you of such impact on your request.

          The requestor has read and understood the content of this form, and hereby acknowledges that the information provided herein is accurate and complete. The requestor confirms and certifies that the requestor is entitled to the rights as required by law and duly signs his/her name below.