(Environmental Management)

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Environmental Management

“Environmental management is a pillar of sustainable development.”

NIDA’s Doctor of Philosophy Program in Environmental Management is unique in creating environmental leaders and scholars with vision and knowledge and ability to manage, analyze, research, formulate policies and plans to address environmental crises and problems at all levels with international knowledge and embracing the King’s Philosophy for sustainable development.

  • Create graduates in environmental management with knowledge and ability to analyze, synthesize and apply environmental management for formulating policies, plans and solving environmental problems.
  • Create graduates with knowledge and morality and work experiences in the field of research, policy analysis, planning and environmental management to meet the needs of organizations at all levels.
  • To build research competencies for graduates to be academic leaders who can create and develop knowledge to be applied in the development and solving of environmental management problems at all levels.
  • Increase Thailand’s competitiveness by producing high-potential environmental management graduates who have a vision for environmental planning and management, as well as to develop environmentally friendly behaviors of individuals and society for sustainable development.
Doctoral Programs
Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration
Thai language
Monday - Friday outside business hours 18.00-21.00 hrs.
Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration
(48)(57)(72) Credit
แบบ 1(1.1) - แบบ 2(2.1) - แบบ 2(2.2)
351,000 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open Class22
Currently Open now - 11 july 2023

Program Director


Professor Chamlong Poboon, Ph.D.

Affiliated School of Environmental Development Administration

National Institute of Development Administration

Key Features of the Program

– Unlike other environmental programs, this program aims to create leaders and academics with vision and knowledge of environmental management, with notable ability to analyze, research, formulate policies and plan to address environmental problems and crises in an integrated manner to achieve sustainable development.
– Qualified persons from all sectors can apply for admission.
Public/Local: Academics/professors, administrators and officers in government agencies, state enterprises, local government organizations, environmentalists
Industry/Private Business: Corporate executives and employees, environmental consultants, environmental managers, environmental practitioners, businesses related to environmental works Community/Independent Organizations: Independent academics, local people, personnel of non-profit organizations

Course Syllabus

Remedial Courses
LC 4003 Advanced Integrated English Language Skills Development
LC 6000 Advanced Reading and Writing in English for Graduate Studies

Basic Courses
EN 5100 Environmental Management for Sustainability

Core Courses
EN 6101 Application of Royal Initiatives and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Environmental Management
EN 6102 Applied Environmental Management

Research Methodology
EN 6201 Advanced Research Methodology in Environmental Management
EN 6202 Integrative Research in Environmental Management
EN 6203 Experimental Designs for Environmental Research and Innovation
EN 6204 Environmental Education Research Methodology

Elective Courses
Environmental Management for Administrators
EN 7101 Leadership and Change Management for Environmental Management
EN 7102 Governance of Social-Ecological Systems
EN 7103 Environmental Justice and Law
EN 7104 Applied Environmental Economics
EN 7105 International Environmental Politics and Policy
EN 7106 Applied Environmental Conflict Management and Public Participation
EN 7107 Applied Environmental Assessment

Environmental Management in Business and Industrial Sectors
EN 7201 Pollution Control and Application
EN 7202 Applied Industrial Ecology Management
EN 7203 Applied Energy Management and Conservation
EN 7204 Environmental Management and Safety Standards and Application
EN 7205 Business for Environment and Sustainability
EN 7206 Environmental and Social Responsibility and Application

Environmental Challenges Management
EN 7301 Climate Change Management
EN 7302 Disaster and Environmental Risk Assessment
EN 7303 Applied Soil and Water Resources Management
EN 7304 Sustainable Management of Biodiversity
EN 7305 Applied Air Quality Management
EN 7306 Environmental Spatial Analysis
EN 7307 Applied Environmental Health Management
EN 7308 Environmental Resilience for New Normal Era
EN 7309 Environmental Communication and Networking
EN 7310 Data Analytics in Environmental Management

Environmental Education
EN 7401 Philosophy of Environmental Education
EN 7402 Development of Environmental Education Leaders
EN 7403 Measurement and Evaluation of Learning in Environmental Education
EN 7404 Development of Quality of Life in Thai Society
EN 7405 Community Learning for Sustainability

Urban, Local and Community Management for Sustainability
EN 7501 Sustainable Urban, Local and Community Development in Disruption Era
EN 7502 Applied Safety and Public Disaster Management
EN 7503 Solid Waste and Waste Management
EN 7504 Planning and Action for Sustainable Community Development
EN 7505 Climate and Crisis Resilient Cities

Students are able to take the following elective courses
EN 8000 Environmental Management Seminar
EN 8001 Special Topics in Environmental Management
EN 8002 Directed Study

Qualifying Examination (QE)
Dissertation (in English)
EN 9900 Dissertation
EN 9901 Dissertation
EN 9902 Dissertation

Independent Study (for those who are unable to complete the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Environmental Management and require further study for Master of Science (Environmental Management) degree conferred)
EN 8900 Independent Study


Tuition fees

- Track 1 (1.1) costs approximately 351,000 baht (approximately 194,000 baht for the 1st year, 156,000 baht for the 2nd year) - Track 2 (2.1) costs approximately 417,000 baht (approximately 176,000 baht for the 1st year, 162,000 baht for the 2nd year, 78,000 baht for the 3rd year) - Track 2 (2.2) costs approximately 513,000 baht (approximately 194,000 baht for the 1st year, 162,000 baht for the 2nd year, 156,000 baht for the 3rd year)

Track 1 (1.1) costs approximately351,000
Track 2 (2.1) costs approximately417,000
Track 2 (2.2) costs approximately513,000
Estimated expenses throughout the program351,000

Applicant Qualifications

  1. – Track 1(1.1) Reserch-based
    – Master’s degree or equivalent in any field
    – Have at least 1 research work or environmental work experience not less than 5 years.
    – Track 2 (2.1) Coursework and dissertation
    – Master’s degree or equivalent in any field
    – Track 2 (2.2) Master cum Ph.D.
    – Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field with first-class honors or a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher.*All applicants must have a good level of English language knowledge according to the required criteria.


Currently Open now - 11 july 2023
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