Master of Public Administration (English program)

Master of Public Administration (English program)

Learning both theorithical and practical skills for public administration. Lighting your way to a better future and to be the great leader.

  • 2 year program
  • No working experience needed
  • Exchange student program & Internship oppotunities
Master’s Programs
Graduate School of Public Administration
International English language
Graduate School of Public Administration
39 Credit
2 years
97,000 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open ClassIntake August 2023
Currently Open 23 February- 5 April 2023

Program Director

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Assoc. Prof. Danuvas Sagarik, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Public Administration

National Institute of Development Administration

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Key Features of the Program

  • Scholarship offers
  • Connection among international students
  • Exchange and Internship program oppotunities
  • Accredited by the international Quality Assurance: AUN-QA

Course Syllabus

Core Courses
PA6000 Contemporary Public Administration Theory
PA6010Administration and Sustainable Development
PA6020 Research Methodology in Public Administration
PA6030 Organizational Analysis

PA7040 Policy Implementation and Evaluation
PA7041 Project Planning, Analysis, and Management
PA7042 Crisis and Disaster Management

Elective Courses
PA 7904 Public Policy
PA 7900 Dynamic of Global Economic
PA 7903 Financial and Fiscal Management
PA 7902 Human Resource Management
PA 7940 Public Policy Development

PA 9000 Independent Study


Tuition fees

Remark: In case enrollment of English Foundation courses are required. Another 4,500 THB/course will be charged in mentioned semester."

Year 1 Semester 121,300
Year 1 Semester 221,300
Year 1 Semester 3 (If any)7,800
Year 2 Semester 123,300
Year 2 Semester 218,800
Estimated expenses throughout the program97,000

Applicant Qualifications

  1. 1. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from educational institutes accredited by the Office of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, or the Office of the Civil Service Commission, or organizations with standard accreditation or with accreditation recognized by the National Institute of Development Administration or In case of an Exchange student, applicant must currently studying in Master degree.
  2. Pass selection criteria set by the Institute through an interview.
  3. Applicants are required to submit a test score of either 500 for TOEFL, 5.5 IELTS, 500 NIDA TEAP or the Test of English Proficiency that conducted by standard organization or representative of the government from applicants’ country (Applicant might get the permission to not provide evidence of English Proficiency or might require to attend English Foundation in case of failure from this English criteria, considered by course committee and shall approve by the Dean).


Open RegAdmissionister 23 February- 5 April 2023
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Contact Educational Service Division

082-7901940 @nidaadmission