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Master of Business Administration (Professional), Faculty of Business Administration, National Institute of Development Administration, is a program aimed at producing graduates with good understanding of business administration. The program focuses on academic excellence by building business leaders and executives who have knowledge and international skills to support and develop students to step into ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). With this in mind, The Faculty of Business Administration sees the importance and the benefits to launch new projects in the MBA program. Therefore, the Faculty Established Master of Business Administration Program for professionals/experts (Professional MBA Program).

  • MBA program for aspiring business professional
  • The class admits only students with honors degrees or recognized as high-potentials for their organizations
  • An opportunity for a study trip in Asia-Pacific region
  • The curriculum is international and designed to help obtaining global certificates such as CFA, PMP, SAS
Master’s Programs
NIDA Business School
Non - Office hour Programs
NIDA Business School
48 Credit
316,800 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open Class16
Currently Open 15 Mar - 31 May 2023

Program Director


Asst. Prof. Piya Ngamcharoenmongko, Ph.D.

Director of Professional MBA

National Institute of Development Administration

Key Features of the Program

Why Professional MBA Program ?

1.The opportunity for the students to have more study options that match their profiles.
2.To arrange the class that better helps support student’s learning.
3.To promote the production of quality graduates with the focus on building business leaders and professional executives.


Course Syllabus

Basic Courses
BA 5100 Contemporary Management
BA 5300 Financial Accounting
BA 5400 Business Economics
BA 5500 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
BA 5600 Information Technology and Management

Main Courses
BA 6100 Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
BA 6200 Marketing Management
BA 6300 Management Accounting
BA 6400 Financial Management
BA 6500 Operations Management


BA 7200 Industrial Marketing Management
BA 7201 Consumer Behavior
BA 7202 Retail Management
BA 7203 New Product Development
BA 7204 Marketing Research
BA 7205 Marketing Communications
BA 7206 Service Marketing
BA 7207 Advanced Marketing Management
BA 7208 Advertising and Public Relations Campaign Management
BA 7209 Interactive Marketing and Sales Promotion Strategies
BA 7901 International Marketing
BA 7902 Marketing for Financial Services
BA 7907 Logistics Management
BA 7908 Digital Commerce Management
BA 7910 Strategic Brand Management
BA 8290 Seminar in Marketing
BA 8800 Directed Studies
BA 8880 Selected Topics in Business Administration

BA 7400 Fixed Income Securities
BA 7401 Financial Derivatives
BA 7402 Financial Risk Management
BA 7403 Quantitative Analysis in Finance
BA 7404 Investment Banking
BA 7405 Advanced Financial Management
BA 7406 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
BA 7407 Portfolio Theory and Capital Markets
BA 7408 Financial Markets and Financial Institutions
BA 7409 Financial and Investment Analysis for CFA® Exam Preparation
BA 7410 Financial and Risk Analysis for FRM® Exam Preparation
BA 7411 Financial Planning for CFP® Exam Preparation
BA 7902 Marketing for Financial Services
BA 7906 International Financial Management
BA 8490 Seminar in Finance
BA 8800 Directed Studies
BA 8880 Selected Topics in Business Administration
Operational Management

BA 7500 Feasibility Study
BA 7501 Decision Modeling for Operations Management
BA 7502 Service Operations Management
BA 7503 Quality Management
BA 7504 Project Management
BA 7505 Operations Strategy
BA 7506 Supply Chain Management
BA 7507 Business Process Improvement
BA 7907 Logistics Management
BA 7909 Pricing Strategies for Revenue Optimization
BA 8590 Seminar in Operations Management
BA 8800 Directed Studies
BA8880 Selected Topics in Business Administration
Management Information System

BA 7600 Database Systems for Management
BA 7601 Analysis and Design of Management Information Systems
BA 7602 Business Intelligence and Analytics for Managers
BA 7603 Big Data, Data Mining, and CRM Applications
BA 7604 Management Science Methods for Firm Decision Making
BA 7605 Information Systems Security for CISSP Exam Preparation
BA 7606 Online Community Management for Social Media
BA 7607 IT Service Management for ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Certifications
BA 7608 Technopreneurship
BA 7609 Strategic Design Thinking and Extreme Innovator
BA 7610 Agile Project Management for PMI-ACP and CSM Exam Preparation
BA 7611 Innovation and Information Technology Project Management for Project Management Professionals PMP Exam Preparation
BA 7905 Accounting Information Systems
BA 8690 Seminar in Management Information System
BA 8800 Directed Studies
BA 8880 Selected Topics in Business Administration

BA 7800 Microeconomics of Competitiveness :Firms, Clusters, and Economic Development
BA 7801 Business Strategy Game
BA 7802 Neuroscience and Decision Making
BA 7803 Competitive Strategy
BA 7804 Managing Social Enterprises
BA 7805 Negotiation and Decision Making Strategies
BA 7806 Managing Transformation and Change Management
BA 7807 Management Consulting Practicum
BA 7808 Corporate Governance
BA 7809 Design Thinking: Strategy and Implementation
BA 7903 Management Control Systems and Strategy
BA 7908 Digital Commerce Management
BA 7909 Pricing Strategies for Revenue Optimization
BA 7910 Strategic Brand Management
BA8800 Directed Studies
BA 8880 Selected Topics in Business Administration

Independent Research
BA 9000 Independent Study: Integrated Business Project

Examination of knowledge
Examination of written knowledge
Oral Examination


Tuition fees

Total course fee is approximately316,800
Estimated expenses throughout the program316,800

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Follows this link


Open RegAdmissionister 15 Mar - 31 May 2023
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Contact Educational Service Division

082-7901940 @nidaadmission