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Master of Laws Program, Regular

Office - hour Programs

The curriculum is aimed to produce graduates who are of knowledge, high competence, and morality to be a legal expertise in senses of critical thinking, and judicial determination for legal profession, social justice, and protection of nation’s interest.

1. The program requires students to study English for Lawyers in order to develop their language potential in order to be able to study and research at the graduate level.
2. The curriculum has specified research methods and recommended guidelines for developing research topics.
3. It requires students to have research topics and outlines within the allotted time. Thesis and independent study training are provided as additional activities of the curriculum.
4. The course provides training on the use of Thai and foreign databases in addition to lecture hours in the course in order to provide students with research skills and will be useful for further study and research.
5. The course provides training on the use of information systems for thesis writing and the National Institute of Development Administration provides a thesis advisor in an information system

Master’s Programs
Graduate School of Law
Office - hour Programs Thai language
Office - hour Programs
Graduate School of Law
39 Credits Credit
120,000 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open Class23
Currently Open Round 2/2023, 5 April 2023

Program Director

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Asst. Prof. Bajrawan Nuchprayool, Ph.D.

Director of Master of Laws Program

National Institute of Development Administration

Key Features of the Program

Course Syllabus

1. Private Law
2. Public Law
3. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration
4. International Bussiness and Trade Law


Tuition fees

Estimated expenses throughout the program120,000

Applicant Qualifications

1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in law (L.L.B.) from public or private educational institutions recognized by the Office of Higher Education Commission of Thailand or holds an equivalent degree recognized by the Executive Council of NIDA.
2. Having professional experiences in law sector at least 1 year, in accordance with the requirement of NIDA
3. Successfully pass an admission examination (written test and/or interview)


Open RegAdmissionister Round 2/2023, 5 April 2023
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