Environmental Management

Master of Science in Environmental Management (Rayong)

Non - Office hour Programs

The open and intensive course aims to create economic development, fair and engaged society, and sustainable environment. The ‘Environmental Management’ program at Rayong regional learning center provides you with innovative thinking skills, high management ability and new experiences in various stakeholders networking. Come together to fulfill sustainable development on your own stake.

  • Study on Saturday and Sunday
  •  1 year 6 months Course
Master’s Programs
Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration
Non - Office hour Programs
Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration
39 Credit
122,400 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open Class15
Currently Open Call +66 (0)2727 3130, +66 (0)82 782 9353 Follow the recruitment news at http://gseda.nida.ac.th

Program Director

Asst. Prof. Napong Nophaket, Ph.D.

graduated B.Arch., M.Sc. and Ph.D. with a strong and various experiences in both academic research and real-world development in built environment, design and planning for more than 25 years both in Thailand and abroad.

National Institute of Development Administration

Key Features of the Program

Create the high ability manager for the future economic development, good society, and sustainable environment.

Course Syllabus

Core Courses
EM 6001 Environmental Ethics, Ideologies, and Systematic Thinking
EM 6002 Environment, Ecology and Management Technology
EM 6003 Planning and Environmental Development Administration for Sustainability
EM 6004 Environmental Economics and Application
EM 6005 Policy, Politics, and Law in Environmental Management
EM 6006 Principle of Environmental Research, Data Collection and Analysis

Environmental Development Administration
EM 7101 Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and Environmental Management Through the King’s Initiatives
EM7102 Leadership and Change Management in Environmental Management
EM 7103 Environmental and Health Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment
EM 7104 Environmental Conflict Management and Public Participation
EM 7105 Environmental Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Operations
EM 7106 Environmental Governance

Environmental Management in Business and Industrial Organizations
EM7201 Environmental Management and Safety Standards
EM 7202 Pollution Control and Management
EM 7203 Eco-Industrial Management Towards Circular Economy
EM 7204 Clean Technology and Energy Managment
EM 7205 Environmental and Sustainable Business
EM 7206 Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental Education
EM7301 Principle of Environmental Education
EM 7302 Environmental Education Curriculum Development and Teaching Intelligence
EM 7303 Environmental Education and Community Development
EM 7304 Innovation and Activities in Environmental Education
EM 7305 Research Methodology and Tools Development for Environmental Education Research
EM 7306 Environmental Education Administration

Sustainable City, Community, and Local Management
EM7401 Urban, Local, Housing and Real Estate Development for Sustainability
EM 7402 Urban, Local, and Community Safety Management and Resilience Development
EM 7403 Urban and Housing Informatics and Visualization
EM 7404 Action Planning for Housing and Community Development
EM 7405 Solid Waste and Pollution Management for Urban, Local, and Communities
EM 7406 Environmental Health Management for Urban, Local, and Communities

Elective courses
EM 7701 Environmental Project Management for Sustainability
EM 7702 Environmental Information Technology
EM 7703 International Environment Management
EM 7704 Natural Resources and Biodiversity Resource Management
EM 7705 Soil, Water, Marine and Coastal Resources Management
EM 7706 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
EM 7707 Climate Change and Atmospheric Quality Management
EM 7708 Environmental and Social Return on Investment and Impact Assessment
EM 7709 Life Cycle Assessment
EM 7710 Environmental and Disaster Risk Assessment and Decision Making
Other Elective Courses
EM 8001 Environmental Management Seminar
EM 8002 Environmental Practicum
EM 8003 Special Topics in Environmental Management
EM 8004 Directed Study
Independent Study (Plan B)
EM 9000 Independent Study
Thesis (Plan A2)
EM 9004 Thesis


Tuition fees

Approximately 122,400 baht

Year 1: approximately (including special activity fees of 10,000 baht).88,100
Year 234,300
Estimated expenses throughout the program122,400

Applicant Qualifications

1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or certificate equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a public or private institution, either domestic or international, that accredited by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC).
2. Have working experience 1 year or more (up to the first day of the semester).
3. Have a strong interest in environmental management and sustainability.
4. Able to devote time to study and research as specified in the curriculum.



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