(English Language Studies and Teaching)

M.A. in English Language Studies and Teaching (International Program)

Office - hour Programs
“Developing interdisciplinarity, internationality, and inquisitive-mind and independent learning in the field of English Language Studies and Teaching”
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge and skill in English language studies and teaching
  • Professional development for English language policy makers, lectures and researchers
  • Opportunities to attend classes online especially for those outside Thailand
  • Tuition scholarships (for Weekday Program)
Master’s Programs
Graduate School of Language and Communication
Office - hour Programs English language
Office - hour Programs
Graduate School of Language and Communication
36 Credit
2 Year
94,200 Baht
Estimated expenses throughout the program
Currently Open Class30
Currently Open Until June 23, 2023

Program Director


Asst. Prof. Pattrawut Charoenroop, Ph.D.

School of Language and Communication, NIDA

National Institute of Development Administration

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Key Features of the Program

This program is unique in that it equips students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in English Language Studies and Teachings. Graduates of this program will be equipped with knowledge and skills to excel in their academic and professional endeavors; they will be thoroughly trained for advanced studies, should they wish to pursue higher education or for higher responsibility position, should they wish to seek professional success.
Down Load

Course Syllabus

Track A(2) and Track B
A. Pre-foundation Courses (non-credits)
ND 4000 Foundation for Graduate Studies

B. Foundation Courses (3 credits)
MLT 5000 Academic and Research Writing

C. Core Courses (9 credits)
MLT 6000 English Linguistics
MLT 6001 Principles of English Language Studies and Teaching
MLT 6002 Research Methods for English Language Studies and Teaching

D. Elective Courses (The offering/opening of elective is dependent upon the determination of GSLC) Track A(2) 9 credits Track B 15 credits
MLT 7101 English Phonetics and Phonology
MLT 7102 Sociolinguistics
MLT 7103 Discourse Analysis and Applications
MLT 7104 Media and English Language
MLT 7105 Intercultural and Cross-cultural Communication in English
MLT 7201 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
MLT 7202 English Language Teaching Methodology and Assessment
MLT 7203 English Language Teaching in Professional Contexts
MLT 7204 Translation for English Language Studies and Teaching
MLT 7300 Directed Studies

E. Seminar Course (3 credits)
MLT 8000 Seminar in English Language Studies and Teaching

F. Track A(2)
MLT 9004 Thesis

G. Track B
MLT 9000 Independent Study

H. Track B
Comprehensive Examination


Tuition fees

Track B : First Year54,600
Track B : Second Year39,600
Estimated expenses throughout the program94,200

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Thai and/or international applicants holding a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in any field of study, or having equivalent academic qualifications as required by the Institution council; and
  2. qualified according to the institution’s criteria by taking a written exam and / or interview
  3. Regular-program applicants are required to study full-time;
  4. weekend-program applicants must have at least 1 year of work experience, based to the institute’s regulation related to qualification of week-end program applicants.


Open RegAdmissionister Until June 23, 2023
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