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The Library and Information Center was established at the same time as the National Institute of Development Administration in 1966. The early library development was financially and technically supported by the Ford Foundation and Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA), providing substantial funds for developing information resources, acquiring necessary equipments and teaching materials,

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The Thanat Khoman ASEAN Library

The Thanat Khoman ASEAN Library was established under the operational structure of the Library and Information Center, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). The idea for the library came out of discussions between Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Director of NIDA, and Dr. Sukhum Navapan, Director of the John F. Kennedy Foundation of Thailand.

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NIDA MUSEUM was established under the administration of  Prof. Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of NIDA with an initiative of institutionalizing NIDA as a source of advanced knowledge and linkage to Thai society for its personnel and future generations to be proud of the institution as a source of knowledge and a link to the society.


สุดยอดอมตะมหาคัมภีร์ ไวยากรณ์
ภาษาอังกฤษ พิชิตทุกสนามสอบ

สำราญ คำยิ่ง author

ISBN : 9786165657150

หอสมุดสุขุม นวพันธ์

Grammar review and terminology — Nouns — Number of nouns — Articles — Pronouns — Verbs — Adverbs — Adjective — Prepositions and idioms — Conjunctions — Question words — Agreement of subjects and verbs — Tense — Active and passive voice — Direct and indirect speech — Non-finite verbs

An introduction to language

Victoria. Fromkin author
Robert Rodman author
Nina M. Hyams 1952-, author

ISBN : 9780170450065

หอสมุดสุขุม นวพันธ์

What is language? — Morphology: The words of language — Syntax: Infinite use of finite means — The meanings of language — Phonetics: The sounds of language — Phonology: The sound patterns of language — Language in society — Language change: The syllables of time — Language acquisition — Language processing and the human brain