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The National Institute of Development Administration: NIDA established NIDA Consulting Center in 1977. It is the first academic consulting center in Thailand. NIDA Consulting Center provides various consulting services and acts as management advisor for many significant projects for governmental entities, state enterprises, private organizations, as well as international organizations, including a number of considerable projects at the national level for many decades. Its performance has been evidenced and well-accepted by a lot of organizations using the services on their projects. NIDA Consulting Center also acts as a coordinator for the comprehensive outcome to meet requirements of each organization individually in order that it can be applied in business and administration aspects effectively.


We provide consulting services that meet clients’ needs, deliver quality consulting services which lead to maximum benefit to the organizations, and services which ensure client satisfaction and positive impression. Clients can be sure they will receive consulting services from NIDA’s academics and researchers who acknowledged by various organizations such as government agencies, state enterprises, private organizations, and international organizations in capability and expertise to provide consulting services.

Types of Consulting Services

Nowadays, every organization, large, midsize, or small, whether they are government offices, state enterprises, private organizations, or nonprofit organizations have to adjust their administrative strategies to suit situations that are always changing, in order to strengthen competitive capacity and operate efficiently, effectively, and sustainably, which requires knowledge, technical skills, and modern tools. Thus, it is necessary for these organizations to rely on external specialist agencies to support them to be more efficient and maximize the return on resource consumption.

Knowledge and Expertise / Fields of Consulting Services

Agriculture l Business administration / General management l Communication / Communication arts / Language l Computer / Information technology l Economics l Energy l Environment l Finance / Accounting l Human resource l Industrial l Law l Marketing l Organizational development l Politics / Government / Public policy l Psychology l Social development / Public health l Statistic l Tourism / Sports l Others

Office and Contact

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